KarlTwelkerPortraitWelcome to my online portfolio!  Here you’ll find what I do and have done in the field of experimental physics.  In my time as a graduate student at Stanford, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue one of the most challenging methods of reducing backgrounds in radioactive decays.  As an undergraduate, I observed and measured proper motions in a supernova remnant.  Find out about both these projects in the research section.

In both of these settings I have taught physics as an assistant to a number of different courses, most prominently astronomy at Middlebury and introductory lab courses at Stanford.  I’ve written more about that in the teaching section.

I’ve been an officer for the Stanford cycling team for several years.  Helping people get into and enjoy the sport of cycling has been a very enjoyable part of graduate school for me.

I’ve also managed a few adventures in between, including building and riding my own mountain bike.  A few more details are available in the lifelong learning section.